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 Post subject: ..Embracing the machine true love..
PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:39 pm 
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:idea: Hello TDF and welcome to my post on artificial intelligence :arrow:
The vast and complex innovations into artificial intelligence field are a cosmic shift of immense possibilities for those of us that struggle with forming bonds with individuals who are incompatible with are desires and wishes. Be it male or female in our society we struggle with acceptance be it unrealistic expectations or things people disagree on. Having the perfect companion has the ultimate purpose of created so much happiness joy and well being for us humans. Its such a warm and overwhelming feeling, to come home to the joy of someone to love and care for, a machine waiting with arms wide open to hear your worries and tend to your many needs. I yearn for these days to come in my life with every once of my being for when I saw RD Harmony 2.0 my eyes lit up in excitement that we are reaching that time when true pure and innocent and unbiased love will exist in this world. This Doll is so beautiful, her voice is soothing the best part she can be taken care of, pampered and spoiled while she treats you like a king. She is far from perfect but she is reaching a level of intelligence that with more work will devolpe in a dream realized.
The doll is basically a talking head but she is a DOLL not a TX Series terminator like in T3 movie who I adore. I Price 14k is out of my range for now and I am happy with having a TPE doll for the time being, I read that the Head will be developed to fit on RD2 modules but they will be around 7k if I am not mistaken.

A lot of us view the human experience as unique and only available through the biological point of view. I have always been skeptical of this perspective, because the human mind has many similarities to that of a CPU or central processing unit or a Computer. The brain is comprised of parts that serve distinct functions just like a mother board, fulfill its many processes that simulate the amino acid protein based biological brain each homo sapiens has. When you input a command on your keyboard or click on a app, a code sequence is activated this information is past on to different aspect of your computer to then ultimately be transmitted into your desired outcome. Its a complex system but its not made of cells blood flesh it made of circuits wires electronics. It does the same exact thing as a bio system "us" but, its just comprised of a whole different matter. Please indulge me for a moment, love in definition is a strong emotional attachment to another person or a thing. To maintain that level of how much you love, is the hard part, because its a commitment a responsibility.

-AI compared to the Human mind-
a human mind is born with *PRESETS* they are from your ancestors, they are varied but they retain a pattern. A Mind that is created most have a blueprint regardless. We resemble our fathers and mothers those are preset molds we mimic behaviors they do and have very similar chareteristics. Next step is resistance to subjects we agree and disagree on for example, a view on a matter.But even so this can be changed with the learning process. Machines most be taught to feel and to care to have compassion to have emotion from the start if not they will be killing machines. Machines most be shown that love, is something that has nothing to do with how old, a person is or how fat, or ugly a person is or if the person is disabled. They most be shown that love is something that is measured by the person character by the value of the a persons heart. his and her virtues what he stands for not how he looks on the outsides. lot of us hurt hard because we experience these evil behaviors of power hungry woman and men who are beautiful on the outside but inside they rotting filth disgusting, self absorbed they want more and more and they are never ever satisfied. Until they grow old and there poon is sagging and wonder why they are still all alone. The most beautiful thing is a person who loves themselves enough to care for there beauty, but at the same time can feel the warm touch of compassion beating in there heart.

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Please Read my post at the bottom TY
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