MUST READ : Replying to offers.

Active listings of items for sale that TDF members are offering to sell.

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Items for SALE

As the name implies this section is for offering on-topic items for sale.

If you are interested in making a request use the WANTED section instead.

Anything not related to exchanging items, such as wanting information should be done outside the market such as in the "Dolls In General" forum.

TDF is not an e-commerce platform and our market section is made available as a privilege for regular members only!
Newly registered members are not eligible to use the market.

For the additional Rules see here: MUST READ : Offering items for SALE & here: MUST READ : Replying to offers.

Note that all post need to conform to the general established rules and stay within legally safe boundaries.

Disclaimer: TDF will not be held liable in any way, shape, or form for any transactions gone bad.
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MUST READ : Replying to offers.

Post by mi6c »

Items for SALE, Replies - Rules

Moderators will remove all posts not relevant to the Sale, including encouragements and criticism.
- Only replies that show interest in buying the item are approved.
- Posts like "What a lovely doll, best of luck for your sale." even though well meant will be disapproved without notice - this is done to keep the sales thread uncluttered and on topic.

You are not allowed to post pictures, only the seller is.
- If you think something about a Sale is wrong, just report the For Sale Ad by clicking the exclamation mark button and explain.
- Otherwise OK posts like "I'm interested, she looks like the doll I have always wanted( picture)." will be disapproved without notice( due to the picture).

No offers into the thread.
- Posts like "Will you take $xxx ?" will be disapproved without notice, this is done to prevent low-balling.
- Please use PMs for any negotiation.

Sales related questions about the actual item for sale are okay as is requesting additional pictures to clarify issues.
- However, if you ask a question that has already been answered your post may be disapproved and you might be considered trolling - it is your responsibility to read the thread.

Be mindful of the dates on Sales Posts, it is your responsibility to get recent pictures and information on older posts even though the seller is required to post changes to the item(s) for sale.

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Re: MUST READ : Replying to offers.

Post by Slew »

:!: Disclaimer: TDF will not be held liable in any way, shape, or form for any transactions gone bad.

Sales at TDF Market are "buyer-beware". TDF Market is not an e-commerce platform, it is made available for private transactions between responsible consenting adults. We can only provide guidelines, we cannot dictate the details of private transactions, and we offer no mediation or resolution process when a sale goes wrong. It's up to individuals to use their own judgement when purchasing.

However, if we find there was false advertisement, member privileges will be revoked.

Regarding PayPal 'friends and family' (gift) vs. 'goods and services', please note when using PayPal's various payment services, it is your responsibility to know the terms of use.