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Funwest Anime Lexie155 cm F Cup

Post by just a guy »

I bought this exact doll

Extra head is this one, but same color as my doll so not tan:
20230809_162855 copy.jpg
20230809_162855 copy.jpg (10.9 MiB) Viewed 2965 times
Lexie Anime.jpg
Lexie Anime.jpg (2.94 MiB) Viewed 2965 times
Lexie Euro.jpg
Lexie Euro.jpg (3.53 MiB) Viewed 2965 times
I bough my Lexie through Silicone Lovers and it took 2 months from putting order in and delivered to my home. So not bad since it includes the whole process of manufacturing the doll since it wasn't ready made and send from warehouse. While I waited I decided to buy torso doll to get some taste of the doll scene since I didn't have anyhting before this. The torso I bough smelled wonderfull so very good smell on it.

Lexie in the other hand don't have that smell unfortunately, but the smell reminds me of play doh. The smell isn't bad and it can be smelt only from close approximaty so it's very subtle scent. Also when I opened the delivery box first time the smell didn't hit your nose. Would have been nice though to get same sort of scent like on my torso Monica, but I can do something about that my self so no worries there. Main thing is that the smell isn't bad like some say here about their dolls. I Think they buy fake dolls and that's why their dolls smells so bad. This again proving that buying from legit vendor that sell legit manufacturers doll you don't have to worry about TPE smell and no need to vent the doll. She is ready to go from the get go! I'd rate the smell better if it had same sort of female type scent like in my torso. Smell is pretty neutral now.

- I rate smell of TPE 4,5/5

The body also ooses TPE oil at first and it will get eveywhere on your skin that is in contact with the doll :whistle:, but after I washed her and let the body dry through the night she can now be touched without gloves and almost no oil is left on my own skin unlike my torso which still uses oil after several washes after... :whistle: I recommend put some baby powder after first shower since there's stickyness after that on some part of the body and in fingers in my case.

Heads of this doll (I have 2) are very good workmanship. The painting of eyebrows is flawless! Also eyelashes are so beautiful and perfectly placed on the eye. Upper eyelash is longer and very nicely curled and lowers eye lash is shorter. Also Anime Lexie (one with white eye brows) don't have lower eye lashes at all they are painted when the other one has lower eye lashes too. Still Anime Lexie is my favorite and the reason I decided to get this doll :)

Make up also as good as I can imagine on TPE. I can't even see this good quality on other manufacturers studio photos on their TPE heads let alone in the factory photos, it is that good craftmanship on the face make up and eyebrows / lashes. This is the reason I chose my first doll to be Funwest and I am not disappointed to the heads at all! The size also is perfect for the body. One thing that always bothered me on doll photos is how much there is skin on the lower eyelid compaired to real human. Now when I see the eyelid close in real life it's not as fat as it may seems in photo it seems very natural like in real humans. Thought to mention this if anybody else is super precise of details! Neck is also perfect lenght.

Lips are soft ofcourse and feel like real thing when kissing. I tested to frech kiss the other head that has tongue just for fun and it is pretty nice, but! Since the mouth is so tight it kind of blocks my tongue so I think french kissing will work on ROS head where the jaw can be opened alot better this just makes my mouth hurt :D I also washed the mouth right after testing. Don't leave the mouth unwashed after use! Also noticed that both heads are same only make up is different didn't realise this from the photos before only now when I see them both side by side in real life. The make up sure make the look so different and is key to really sell the heads! Other than that it's very nice petite head just how I like it :P

- I rate both heads 5/5

Wigs are nice, but I got the other one tangled up right away so have to check on that later to untangle. Also they are abit bigger than the heads so when you put them on lower part inside the wig is kind of hanging and not tight on against the head. I don't know if it's that I don't put the wig correctly or are they really that much bigger than the doll heads so I leave it as that since I'm not sure. The only problem with this is when you caress the head from behind then you notice the hanging part of the wig. Other than that wigs are pretty amazing and I chose the right ones, very beautiful. Also they send me extra wig which was wrong that I didn't choose and thanks for silicone lovers factory photo approving I noticed this and told it was wrong wig so Funwest changed the wig for right one and seems to give the wrong one for free too :D

Wigs are also synthetic hair.

- I rate wigs 5/5

Now the body.

Ass is very round no noticable muscle shapes only pure roundness. It's nice, but little ass muscle never hurt anybody and would have been nice like it is done in my torso Monica giving the ass a little bit more depth and that tight fitness ass feel since the body is pretty toned otherwise. Other than that very nice ass, very firm as well which is nice since real womens assess are not this firm, but more like jelly so the bones always hit you hard on pelvis area when holding a girl, but not with this doll! All you feel is the soft ass gently pressing agains you when you take the whole doll weight on your lap so you can hold her days on end so to speak :)

- I rate the ass 4,5/5

I chose this doll because of the weight, Face and body proportions and later on after going through hundreds of dolls while waiting to get this one I realised that bigger boobs is the way to go and that there is similar body proportions out there, but only couple! I also got impression from the photos that the breasts would be bigger than they really are. They are good breasts, but little bit small for my taste to be honest. Also they are not as big as in my torso Monica which was little dissapointing since the torso has 85 cm bust, but it's abit smaller body then Lexie so I would assume that bigger porportions body has bigger breasts, but nope.

They are also more firm then in my torso doll which breasts are solid TPE maybe this could be due to the breasts size? I don't know. If you are not boobies guy then these are great, but I like'em bigger. For this type of body these breasts are in my opinion more realistic size, but I don't care realism when we can mold what ever we want :D

- I rate the breasts 3/5

The Overall body shape also was the reason I chose this doll like I mentioned, since I don't really want much bigger hips and waist then this has. Tallness is welcomed too up to 170 cm, but like I just mentioned there's only couple dolls out there that has big enough breasts and have same type of body proportions. Most dolls have hips around 100 cm and more when it comes to bigger breasts and I don't like that wide hip and ass. My own hip is 95 cm so bigger than that hasn't ever been my liking with real girls so I don't want that to my dolls either. The Body proportions are very nice and around there like I estimated and measured with my tape ruler when tried to figure out which doll to go with first. This is good place to estimate my next dolls proportions with bigger boobs as well! :P
Unlike ass, belly has some muscles and also back has some too so there's depth on those areas. Hands and legs are also missing muscle tone which would have been nice, but that isn't so huge thing since I like my girls thin anyway :)

- I rate the waist / Hips, back and belly 5/5
- Arms and Legs 3,5/5

Sex is like heaven. When compairing the doll with the torso the full body is on a different realism level. When close to the doll and looking her face it feels just like with real woman. Also when her head is leaning your shoulder it feels so good.

The holes are not as tight as in my torso doll, but still feels so very good!!! Also LHP (love hole placement) seems abit off, but this could be taken care with time to adjust different LHP of what my torso doll has. Also the body is little bit bigger than my torso doll so there's that too. I can't really say for certain for now so maybe with time I get used to this LHP and it will workout. I know from experience with real women that placing things during sex is always a little hassle so there's that :)

- Sex 5/5


I ordered my Lexie with loose joints meaning she can't stand up by her own since joints will not hold her. I chose this option since it is more fun to cuddle when you don't have to use force moving the limbs while resting you can just take hand or leg and move it and the limbs own weight is the only thing stopping you moving it not stiff joints. I also did this because I thought it would be easy to move the doll on sex positions like doggy style back and forth by the dolls own weight, but it's very hard. When the limbs are this loose you put one limbs in position and then when you start to move another one the first one moves by it own off the place you put it so it's a bit hazzle and I'm now wondering did I make the right choise. It's more easier on now day two, but danged!

Also when moving the doll into bathroom for cleaning it is very hard since the back also twists since it's also loose. If I would have known this I would have mentioned that it is better to leave the back factory tight since the doll now can't sit straight at all and need to be held tight so the upper back won't bend when moving / lifting her. I did not think of this since this was my first doll and only thought about the limbs and not the upper back at all. Funwest should have known better this time.

It is another thing to hold loose legs, but loose arching back is another thing and it takes all my strenght to move her since not only I need to lift her, but same time I need to squeese my hands so when her back arches I need to squeese the whole body. This is very difficult and I don't think normal person can even do this. If the legs were only loose and back would just stay put when I put her on sitting position it would be easier.

I would not recommend loose limbs since I now know from my personal experience and also! What I didn't took into conicderation was that mattress has springs and when you have sex with the doll these mattress springs give the doll kind of momentum which feels like the doll moves little bit by herself so if I would have known that I would have chose normal factory limb tightness instead of loose limbs. Also it's impossible to not get the wig between your hand and the doll since you have to keep the doll straight with your hand all the time! Since she can't keep up by herself at all so the wig will stretch constantly and it's not good thing :(

Here's a list of the loose and not loose limbs and how it affect me and the doll performance.

Neck - normal tightness (very good and easy to move) Neck should never be loose! Then it's just impractical and stupid. Glad it wasn't involded my loose limbs requests! I would have sent the doll back ASAP otherwise.

Shoulders - loose like I ordered no friction what so ever.

Elbows - loose like I ordered

Wrists - definetly more tight than neck (not good since TPE is so fragile on the hands) I don't understand why this small part that can break TPE is so frikkin tght! I need to use my both hands one hand on each side of dolls hand so the metal don't tear TPE so I get enough surface area to hold and twist the hand.

Fingers - normal tightness (easy to move, but still feel that it can easily break TPE finger and come out of it since the TPE is fragile on fingers.

Back - back should be normal tightness no matter what. If I would have knew I would have said it, but I didn't even thought of it. It makes it very hard to move the doll since the back is loose I need to use extra force to keep the doll not fully collapsing onto her self while lifting and then falling through my arms! Don't loosen back it's not practical at all!

Torso - torso can be rotated and that is factory tightness and not loose. This was great choise since if it were loose it would become impossible to lift the doll at all I think and then I would have to have no choise, but to send it back.

Hips - loose like I ordered. This I think works best and just like I imagined. Perhaps every other part should have been factory tight and not loose to make my idea to work. Oh well I fucked up.

Knees - loose like I ordered, but! This again is my fault since I ordered ”Double Jointed Knees” so there's even more problems with the knees since the legs can rotate like 180 all sides so it's impossible to move the leg straight in any direction since leg below knee is moving what ever direction so knee loosening also not workin at all. Knees should be tight always never loose!

Ankles - loose. These should have been normal tightness by default since then I could rotate the ankle so the toes won't hit floor / bed mattress if I bend the leg over shoulder! Ankles also never loose always normal tightness.

On top of the looseness dead weight makes it way harder like many have said here and I do hope that in future Funwest like every other manufacturers would come up away to make these dolls like 20-25 kg at max weight! One way would be to make the skeleton from another material that mimic real bones instead of metal pipes so you could get alot of weight out from that and then make the TPE more harder so they could fill the body mostly with some other lighter stuff and then TPE as finish like human skin or something. There's also room to lighten the head abit.

The Fingers. I kind of expected this, but maybe not this soft. I ordered my doll with articulated fingers so no wires which is the only right choise! TPE on the fingers seems super fragile and while doing the magic with the doll there was couple times I thought the finger bones stuck through the TPE. I don't know if this is the case on other dolls, but since my doll has loose limbs the arms just move with the mind of their own and the fingers constantly bang everywhere. Also thumbs don't seems to have the last knuckle so it's kind of straight thumb that turns only from the hands location. Don't know if this is standard on other dolls as well, but I quess it's fine it's not like I need this doll to pose or hold stuff so it's more functional this way for me specially when the TPE fingers are so fragile! They definetly should reinforce TPE on the fingers and toes too.

Speaking of toes. I seen this on every doll. Toes are hanging freely and they also are super fragile and stretchy. It would be pratical to make them not hang separately since they are so fragile. I have seen photos of one doll which had her toes still together by default due to the mold not separating the toes. This way they look even when now they hang every directions. I know socks will fix this somewhat, but when washing the doll one have to be super carefull with them toes or they can tear up if squishing between leg and floor. Also nails on hands and toes while made very nicely and like I ordered you can feel the nail edge on finger and toes on the side where they should be under the skin under nailfoil making hands and toes specially even more vulnerable. This problem I think is with all TPE dolls not just Funwest.

I also took finger nails short instead of long ones which was the right choise since with loose limbs the arms just wave around by them self very easily so short nails don't break the nails so fast!

Overall as my first doll I perhaps should have waited a little bit and take 2 week to really look what type of doll I want and not take loose limbs that was a mistake. Still this is pretty frikkin awesome doll and if nothing else I will fix the limbs my self if the looseness starts to bug me even more. If I wouldn't have to worrie about the fingers and toes then it would be easier with the loose limbs, but since they are so fragile it's super hard to move the doll in the way that I can avoid breaking them. I see in the future that they will break since it's impossible to manage loose limbs like I mentioned. You move one and another one will move by it own and then you adjust the first limb and then it goes back and forth really annoying.

I am a boobies guy so the breasts size matters to me alot, but I don't blame the doll it's my own fault and not the dolls fault, but it was really hard to estimate my first doll and people has said it that buy lighter weight doll first. This doll takes all my strenght when moving becuase of loose limbs so it's not that lightweight at all @35 kg and actually it's like difficult level maxed out :D

Never the less I would give my first doll 3,5/5 as total score and perhaps in time it will rise up. Like I said when you are close to the doll it feels so real and good and I really like the waist and hip they are pretty much perfect! Perhaps with tight limbs I can imagine the doll be between 4 -4,5 and if you are a guy who don't care big boobs I think this as a first doll will be 5/5 with tight limbs of course! :)

I have tested and on a bed I can move the doll kind of like I thought with my legs so I can wiggle limbs so I can go under the doll and she comes on top of me and then back on top of the doll without moving to the side first and rolling the doll. It's like yoga thingie and I'm pretty flexible dude so to me that ain't a thing to do moving from missionary position into cowgirl without moving to the sides, but moving the doll with me by moving her legs with mine no hands needed :D
It requires strenght, but not as much as moving her. This I think is the good thing with loose limbs, but I think it could be done maybe as not easy, but still with factory tight limbs.

I also got couple other free stuff apart from the wig which are TPE tongue I quess because the tongue ROS feature got into wrong head which was not deal breaker off course and extra eyes which was totally unneccessary since the heads already have perfect eyes :D and lastly the realism painting, veins. Thanks for the free stuff :)

Also as you can see from the photo there is alot of stuff that comes with the doll.

Here's a list of them from top left to bottom

- Lingerie set
- Certification for authenticity
- TPE testing bar
- Douche
- Heating rod (which I haven't needed so far ;)
- Extra eyes
- TPE tongue
- Funwest user manual (I read it through immediately!)
- Funwest bag that has all this stuff neatly packaged
- Comb for wigs
- White gloves
- Quick installation plug so you don't have to screw the head in you can just push it in to the neck
Mukana tulleet.jpg
Mukana tulleet.jpg (5.75 MiB) Viewed 2965 times
The box had taken some hit and you can see from the left hand photo that the hand got little damaged. There was some plywood to reinforce the cardboard box and the plywood was also smashed into two pieces from the hit and propably then hit the hand. I think that without the plywood the hit would have been worst. I recommend Funwest to put the plywood between the carboard and the soft wall material so this wont happen in the future so the soft wall will take the hit instead the doll.
20230809_164914.jpg (373.83 KiB) Viewed 2965 times

Also they opened the package in customs (fuckers) and did poor job taping it back together. Still only hand was little damaged and otherwise the doll was intact.

I quess that's all I can say about this experience from two days. I made this review in order to help new doll buyes to choose their first doll so I tried to figure out as much info as I can to help out.

20230810_232154.jpg (3.05 MiB) Viewed 2965 times
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